College Dreams


One year of high school to go,

surviving the same status quo,

six classes a day, learning on the way,

up the ladder I hopefully go....

Medical school is my dream,

I keep applying for scholarships 'till I scream!

I look forward to going to college and campus,

but I need some "dinero" for these lances!

Working part-time for seven and a quarter,

I keep my dream hidden deep in my heart,

going to classes every day faithfully,

and looking forward to the day when I finally start.

My parents, middle classed thought they be, 

have wonderful and exciting dreams for me,

they hope and pray that one future day,

I will be on Purdue's sidewalks going my way....

What type of doctor will I wish to become?

One that will hopefully help someone,

One that will be kind, smart, and have a lot of empathy,

One that will listen and provide much sympathy.

Money isn't the key object in my mind,

No, I hope that I will become a great man later on,

And, someone in my future will benefit greatly,

just from having walked in my path, humbly but stately.

The future is a dream I wish to see come true,

but judges I know that it will not happen without YOU.

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