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The car is packed and you can't wait
Off to college, brand new state.
The drive was long but worth the ride,
The world awaits when you arrive.

Your room is ready, meeting friends,
Starting school and setting trends
Everything will just deceive
A freshman's eyes are so naïve

The girl that seemed so welcoming,
Has started spreading nasty things.
Your fling now dates 3 other chicks,
This college thing is full of tricks.

The girl beside the bathroom floor,
Shot-gunned 3 cans, and then some more.
Instead of playing country songs,
They play with hearts and bright beer bongs.

It's so intriguing while so young,
Falling to the life of fun.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday,
Barely work so they can play.

I don't remember this part though,
In the handbook that they showed.
Pictures of the students' life,
Never showed things in this light.

Easy, hookup, and frat rat,
Why would people call me that?
You don't even know my name,
Wasn't even there that day.

Sometimes I wish to go home,
When my family would know.
Just the thing to say to me,
Get me through, with words I need.

But freshman have moved on their own,
In the world and forced to grow.
You thought this thing would end by now,
But sadly it just grows somehow.

This is college, let's grow up,
Stop that good old game flip cup.
Take a moment, realize,
You're in college not a child.

To those who are the victim here,
I still suggest enjoy a beer.
But know that you are way ahead,
These kids and what their words have said.

And those so stuck in youthful time,
Jealous eyes are just a sign
That you're a stereotypical kind,
So try to love the rarer find.

This college thing was not at all,
What I expected in the fall.
But names will not get in the way,
I strive for graduation day.



I really enjoyed reading this poem it explains everything a tyical college freshmen will encounter. It gave me tips about living above the influence when I go to college. Great job =)

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