Collared Love


Feel the heat, feel the heat;

Let the souls of the damned surround;

From the first and the last;

Feel the heat of their fires abound;

Free from the system we crave;

To explore the sensual magic we've found.


You are dirty, sick and twisted;

Slut, Whore, These names are all they give you;

These names are the definition of a revolution;

Don't give in, Don't hide.

Free yourself from the expections;

Feel the heat, feel the fire;

Of the desire you crave and cultivate.


One man, two men, three men, Six!

Does it matter, the doors you close?

Feel the heat, give in to your desire,

The walls around mean you must jump higher.

These gifts we've given ourselves,

They lie behind curtains and cages,

Constructed, barbed and poisoned,

By the fear and hate of the freedom offered.



Serial Monogamy.


Devotion, absolution in activity.

You are shamed for exploring the limits of your heart.


These chains, whips, bites and marks,

This collar that shows the deep and true love of another.

My protection, my .Divine Sanction.

Who are you to tell me how to love and how to live?


A darker story, a darker side.

That's all the others think I hide.

I live in light, bathe in love.

Who are you to omit my pride?


A thousand years and more before, 

These bodies were exhulted for purity and simplicity.

Do not hide this heart. 

Do not throw away what is left of this soul.


We are strong, we are dignified.

They are frightened, still suckling the breast of sexuality.

Unable to bear the heat and fire;

Which lies behind our unbridled desire.


We have health, we have safety.

All these things they claim we leave at the door.

I am stong, I am not oppressed.

I am not beaten or forced in distress.

I have a heart, I have a soul;


Do not deny me humanity's gift.


I am not a Slut.

I am not a Whore.

I am not the girl hiding behind the door.


These bruises are my gift, 

This collar is my heart and happiness bared to the world.

I will stand tall.

I will not bow to such as you,

Who hides yourself behind closed doors,

Ashamed of the love and fire;

Ashamed of your own soul.


Do not be afraid.

Do not fear my heat.

We are just human.

That's all.



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