Sat, 11/10/2012 - 14:05 -- Corky


United States
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Look me in THE eye
Hurt my FEELINGS and make me cry
Slap me AROUND
Throw ME into the ground
PULL on my hair
Find MY HEART and rip and tear
Yell IN my face
RUIN my life and leave not a trace
Tie ME to the chair
Prove to me that you NEVER CARED
Take everything BACK
NOTHING, empty, black
Leave me HERE
How dare YOU shed a tear
STRIKE a match and light my dreams
Burning or so IT SEEMS
The only thing I HOLD true
Screaming till MY face turns blue
Yet I know you never WILL
SECRETLY you kill
Filled my soul WITH LUST
A HEART that would never beat
DOOMED to be cold never touched by the heat
CONFUSED and lost
Crumpled up and TOSSED
I’d rather be beaten than TAUNTED.

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