The universe is ever expanding;
Into what?
I'll never know.
But it's just like me,
Reaching and reaching,
Wanting to feel bigger than I am,
Wanting to reach more, touch more, see more-
Wanting more. 
I am not the only being to want,
And often times,
 I am left wanting. 
The same way I withhold chocolate from my best friend's dog,
No matter how much he wants it,
No matter how sad he is that he can't have it,
No matter how much he doesn't understand why,
I wonder if the universe withholds the things I want from me. 
I wonder if it thinks,
"Silly, girl,
You don't know how much this will hurt you."
I feel like I am the universe at times,
Like I need to protect those that do not understand,
The same as my universe is protecting me. 
But why me?
Why us?
Think of the planets we've found like ours. 
We have yet to find life like us near. 
She took her time with us, 
I think. 
We have a swirling galaxy,
An orbiting solar system, 
A thriving world we can call home. 
There must have been so much care,
So much time in creating us. 
We could've been anywhere else,
So why here? 
We must be something special to her. 
It's a strange thing, life. 
Full of odd situations that we love to ignore. 
"It's just a coincidence," we say. 
There are so many words I could use to describe a situation like this:
Beautiful, wonderful, extraordinary, breath-taking, astonishing-
The universe, and all its coincidences,
It feels pretty awesome. 
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Our world
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