Coffee Paper


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Coffee Paper


We filter our pictures because others can’t filter their words,

With one stone in their hands they can kill more than 2 birds.


Our confidence wont fly,

and the love in our bones will not soar, 

and when our wings stop opening

and we noticed that

we’ve done this so many times before.


People say it doesn’t matter what others think,

but with just one blink,

our priorities can change and our thoughts 


and we realize we can’t survive 

without good people in our lives.


Lo-fi and coffee paper are one in the same,

as we strain out from our brains,

that a caffeine buzz and a pretty face,

can make us insane.


We squeeze out what our bodies

wont put at rest and sometimes

noir covers what unopened minds

can’t digest.

Instagram can only see the side

thats our best 

and if the drink is too bitter,

we failed the test.


Black around my eyes 

and black around my mentation, 

how many lives will be taken 

by suicide before we can keep 

a caucasian a caucasian 

without debate and persuasion


Not changed and dressed in filtered 

yellows and reds,

in a caskets laying 

on forgotten death beds 


their mother will say ......


“I want a picture without her covered

 from toe to head by orange hues 

and fake blues all over 

and instead,”


“my baby never knew

 what is was like to be ok

 in her own attire and wire after wire

 of inter web connections 

that created 5000 fires,

built flames that couldn’t be stopped 

and the outcome was dire 

and I hope this will inspire.....”


Please use Instagram and twitter 

to show your real face 

and if someone says a word 

let it go through your ears 

but in the end -

let it erase.


Walk in the streets

with a cup of coffee in your hands 

with beans at the bottom,

and show the world 

that you’re just not worried about them.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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