Wondering the far untidy paths above below.

Catching the friendly breeze that says hello.

It greets when it meets the beauty above

Making sudden motions of undying love

The gentle footsteps alert all below so they know

The magnificent day dream of the kind fellow

In the distance the movement of a stunning dove

It greats its chicks with a far to gentle shove

The mysterious mysteries of the winding path

They show no traces of a sudden unforgiving wrath

For the man moves along with an attitude of mellow

When he manages to catch glimpse of a girl in yellow

She is so bright that the naked eye is blinded

The girl is never in need to be reminded

The man gives a greeting which isn't low

For this conversation isn't meant to be shallow

He wishes to show his amazed affection

One which comes from his natural selection

For she is the place where the sand and water meet

She can conquer the sudden deadly heat

Though many men find her fine

She is as beautiful as the coastline

This poem is about: 
My country


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