Mon, 09/25/2017 - 22:20 -- SSkies

I've spent my life in closets


First, it was the closet of a loner

A child without friends in a world of hate

The closet was small, suffocating, and lonely

I didn't find my way out until someone turned on a light


I soon found myself in the closet of a gay kid

New to school, new to the idea of being gay

The door was small, a cross hung on the door by my family

The door opened when people like me found a way to make the door larger


The closet I sit in now is dark

The weight of mental illness hangs on my shoulders

It was suffocating, lonely, and scary

Until people opened the door

Carried in a light

and closed the door behind them, joining me in the soft light


Maybe this closet isn't so bad

This poem is about: 



I needed an outlet to express my feelings.

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