Closer To My Dreams


I might not live to take in my next breath,
But as sure as jesus walks I'm tryna take my next step,
Just knowing I'm closer to my dreams makes me stress a little less,
I don't sleep to dream because that feeling there is related to death,
I'm tryna meet success & introduce her to the feeling of being young and blessed,
Even tho they say material things are worthless,
I still live for the day I can throw thousands into my moms and sisters purses,
And shoot to the stars like fireworks & bullets on july 4th,
& show my mom all those tears she cried when I was born were never worthless,
To keep it short & sweet I'm tryna live a life of purpose,
Don't ask me what I'm living for I've already spoke it,
if you in my circle you've heard it,
I cut bad memories from out my past 
I'm feeling high off life under the influence of love,
And I know this is all possible because. . . 
But I kno I aint there yet,
I know the devils on my back but I don't fear that
Its all faith,
Its all great,
" So as I achieve,
I expect us all to suceed, God & my people is all I need.

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