Something evil with me walks 
I hear him whisper deep within 
Do not be afraid of this   
'thy dying day' 
For you the end of pain I'll rend 
Death is in my face 
Wrapping his warm embrace 
Around my body soul and mind 
He is telling me 
To be truly free 
Death is the only way I'll find 
Can someone help me please? 
Is anybody there? 
Cause i feel so all alone 
Death is calling me 
And he knows my name 
Saying he will take me home   
Something evil with me talks 
I am soothed by sweet dark lies 
He speaks of promises 
The end of loneliness 
And sings me deep dark lull-a-byes   
Death is in my eyes 
I cannot see to find 
My way from deep and dark despair 
He is lulling me 
With thoughts of leaving thee 
And a world that does not care 
Is anybody there   
Can someone help me please 
I do not even want to try 
Death is at my feet 
And he is pulling me 
I close my eves and say goodbye 
Something evil with me walks 
And as he swiftly lays me down 
Forever buries sorrow deep with me   
While wrapped in mother natures brown 
(not only do I not promote suicide, but I detest suicide) 


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