Close Encounters of the Bully Kind

i jumped on my bike as fast as i could
but not fast enough, it did me no good
the bully kid was big and mean and acted very tough
laughing all the while he quickly knocked me on my duff

rubbing grass in my mouth, slapping me in the face
him laughing at me, me feeling so disgraced
he punched me so hard then left me crying on the ground
i slowly stood up, was there anyone else around?

i gathered up my books and slowly climbed on my bike
and pedaled straight home mustering all of my might
"What happened to you, son?" Mom was the first to see
i cried as I replied "i got beat by a bully!"

"I'm so sorry for you son, I'm so sad that you were harmed"
just then my dad walked in and immediately looked alarmed
Dad quickly asked me "Son, did you give him back the same?"
i sheepishly said "no" re-experiencing the shame.

my dad just stared awhile then said "I don't like what you're becoming.
Next time you better fight, give the bully what he's got coming!
First you punch him in the stomach then you hit him in the face
He won't hurt you any more, when you put him in his place!"

i slowly nodded as he left, then Mom quickly gave my cheek a kiss
"I'm so proud of you son for not fighting him with your fist
The Lord's servant doesn't need to fight but should be gentle instead"
"Yes ma'am" i quickly said as conflicting counsel twirled round my head

The next 5 years at school when tensions flared i was a gentle talker
as a bully approached my sophomore year i threw him against his locker!

Thank you Mom and Dad!


Copyright © 2019 by Mark Toney.  All rights reserved.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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