As the sun begins its slow descent,

I fill my mind with my only defense:

Two small buds and peaceful hymns.

But no matter how loud the chords,

You never cease your unwanted arrival.

It’s like clockwork.


The darkened veil has finally settled

And I know it’s time – I know you’re near.

I can sense you lurking, feel your strength,

As you close in on your defenseless prey,

Desperately aching to yield yourself a kill.


Bred in the presence of hate and despair,

You’re a parasite to the helpless mind,

A devious, grotesque, and greedy monster.

You feed on the lives of the prey you hunt

And leave behind you a world of carnage

As you seek out yet another unsuspecting victim.


This time around you’ve claimed me as your prey,

And I can feel my defenses are growing weaker,

Find myself wanting, preferring, to give in to you,

As your venom seeps into my mind’s deepest depths;

Clawing, ripping, biting, slicing away

At every bit of what’s left of who I am.


But just like every night that’s come before,

You retreat as the sun begins its ascent

Leaving behind your prey to lick its wounds

And prepare for yet another restless night

Of your attempts to claim me as your unjust kill.

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