Time is relentless
It torments us constantly
From "running" or "flying" by so fast
When we are laughing and smiling
As if cutting off our happiness supply
to going in slow motion
Allowing misery and pain to seep into our body
And poison the heart and mind
Evaporate our souls
And leave us begging for mercy
Because we think
By seeing the numbers on a watch
Or a clock
We have " control "
But truthfully
Time has us by the balls
All we can do is witness
And put on a show
For 'ol times sake
Dance in our costumes
And perform like tomorrow didn't exist
But when the show is over
Its over
We don't get any check
And time doesn't get a refund
Time is a storyteller
Writing the beginning
And being the only one to know
When our last sentence comes into play
Time is money we say
But money isn't shit compared
To the value of time
And once we realize this
Society can focus on the real issue
We can't control time
But time can control us.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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