Climbing Slippery Mountains (Don't Fall)


I let them drag me down

I was a mess

I was so far underground

Trapped in darkness


They kicked me around

Laughed through their teeth

Kicked again when I was down

And left me there to bleed


And when I thought I had a friend

I was stabbed in the back

When it came to an end

I realized I was alone


I won’t let anyone weigh me down

I’ve worked so hard

To pull myself up from underground

And have gone so far


The next time they see me

I’ll be everything they could ever hope to be

And I won’t stop there

I’m going somewhere


I never thought that by now

All of yesterday’s tears

Would be nowhere to be found

And I’ve destroyed all my fears


I gave it my all

And I won’t stop

While you all fall

I’ll be on top


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