cliffside meditations


5210 Mrytlewood
United States
5210 Mrytlewood
United States

theres this thing out there called honesty

and i tried to do it once with this kid who turned out to be just another flea

seriously fuck rhyming im very angry about this

so i write a letter about this girl who got raped and how im mad about it and shit

and this guy this ignorant little tit

gets offended by the content and has the gall to complain

fuck anybody who has to complain

especially if it means they have to chain

the feelings that they asked for, send them down the drain

goddamn is there so much pain

tom hanks in one of my fav flics youve got mail said something about looking for a friend

and meeting an enemy in the end

this pisses off meg ryan to no end

and she winds up being a bit of a bitch about it all

seriously its unreasonable how she flips out at his call

but anyhoo

onto the bit about me you ready thats goo


ever since then ive been a bit of a recluse

cant say whats in my head look a moose

you see that misdirection thats classic me

i dont really want to tell you whats in my head cant you see

to the outside world im the big strong funny guy in the back of the class

while inside im the kind of guy who writes letters about rape

i lost my virginity to a man which was unexpected not even one date

within two weeks i was cheating on him with this bitch

ok i shouldnt call her a bitch shes really a very nice person whom i do not deserve

but the point is nobody knows shit about this sitch


because how do you say anything to anybody about this stuff

they be like damn boyo tough

which is pretty reasonable

theres not a whole lot of awful in my life not that im able

to see god these rhymes are getting desperate

i have never written poetry before is it obvious mate

that was shit

but then

what isnt in this world

im like a flag come unfurled

dangling in the breeze

and nobody sees it not with any ease


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