Clay People

Two clay people born at the same time have never met 

Until one day they see one another 


They do not know what they are looking at 

They are the only clay people in the world 

Both trapped in an eternal shaping process 

They have only seen non-clay people all their life 

However, both knew each was made of clay 


They thought they were better than all their peers were since they were different 

They now know someone was the same as them 

They hated that 

They now hate each other 


It is now a race to destroy the other 

For there can be only one true clay person 

At first, they pretend that it is not a big deal 

They soon become affixed on the utter destruction of the other 


They have one big battle 

However, a winner is not clear 

They settle their differences, and agree to combine  


Clay person 1 runs towards clay person 2 

Clay person 2 stands still 

Clay person 1 bends over when he gets close to clay person 2 

Clay person 1 crashes head first into number 2 


The impact combined the two pieces of clay 

Together they were one monster unstoppable clay person 


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