Clarity in Catharsis

Purging concerns and shadowed secrets,

Spilling tears and spitting hate.

Catharsis is a spinning storm

Where you release the weight.


The storm comes back again,

As night claims the horizon,

And crawling in the clouds

Are all your pains and vices.


So shed the scars and shackles

That scrape the beaten deck.

Bite the bullet release the tension

That bends your breaking neck.


Write it down or shout it out,

Let it wash out in the rain.

Dispense every agitation.

Eradicate the pain.


Flushed eyes and shaky knees;

Wrecked, shattered, and worn.

But for a second in the moment

There's a calming in the storm.


Realization takes the helm

For that second of clarity.

And the sun breaks the clouds

Ending the dispairity.


It takes the ship to shore 

Where the sun is always shining.

Grounded with perspective,

Hope is found in writing.


Now jettisoned at sea

Are guilt, stress, and sadness.

The drowning tools of life

Are sinking in the madness.


The boat will float and start again

And repeat the process.

Because after every storm

There's clarity in catharsis.







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