From the City


She's that white girl, you know, the one with the green eyes.

Everytime someone sees her there's a look of surprise

She's a white girl living in the city

She knows how to get down and gritty

People greet her with a snicker 

in her eyes anxiety flickers 

and frequent questions come to surface: 

"You're white shouldn't you be rich?"

"Why would you live in a city like this?" 


Truthfully the city is where she belongs

her and those suburban kids? They don't get along

She doesn't meet the typical "White standards"

in fact sometimes she feels embarassed

Her daddy's not a doctor and her moms not a lawyer 

Dadd'y lucky he even found an employer


Sure I'm the white girl from the city 

and sure I know how to get down and gritty 

I don't live a life of luxury 

or know what its like to be care free

I may not be the person you expect 

but I am a person that deseves respect 


This is me

the little white girl from the city











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