Cindy Ella and the Sky

She was the beauty in all the land

Yet no fair man would take her hand

Her dreams she would trace in the sand

To live with the stars was her only plan

No one could save her soul's dismay

No prince could take Ella away

In her room she had to stay

And leave her passion there at bay

When stepmother came and forced the chores

When Cindy's heart there implored

All around would just ignore

And Cindy Ella could take no more

For Cindy cried herself to sleep

With animals down beneath her feet

To stepmother, her pain was sweet

And to Cindy, her life's defeat

No sisters to cry the pain away

But to push and shove and hate and prey

At her misery, their dresses swayed

For her downfall, their soul's would pray


Cindy Ella trapped in her cell

Could not accept this little hell

Into her dreams she always fell

And dreamed great dreams that she would tell

Cindy found solace in the stars

Wanted to climb from her cage and fly to Mars

She never left her destiny marred

She never accepted her life made hard

So as Cindy looked up to the sky

Tears flow down her face as she cried

She whispered, yelled, and wondered why

Into the stars she could not fly

A rumble in the bush did show

A source to let her dreams grow

And joy from her heart began to flow

Into the stars she believed she'd go


Her own fairy godmother revealed hope

To her once dreary life scope

No longer would she have to mope

For she had got a telescope

A device to look beyond the clouds

Let her wings grow and abound

As she ignored the doubts around

As she soared high above the ground


Every night Cindy would look on up

Sparkles and twinkles made her heart erupt

But stepmother made her joy abrupt

When she saw good Cindy looking up

Cindy ran very far that day

She ran and kissed that life away

For on her happiness did they prey

When her telescope was broken as it lay

She ran too fast for feet alone

Her legs went pounding on the stone

She felt an urge deep in her bones

To fly far away from her home

Cindy ran and ran to an edge

Without stopping, she refused to hedge

As the distance grew smaller her feet sped

She dove into the darkness by her head

All around were astounded

For from the darkness no noise had sounded

The dreams on which Cindy founded

Were too far-fetched, she was not grounded

But Cindy's feet began to rise

You could see the thrill within her eyes

Godmother there to hear her cries

And into the deep deep stars she flies

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