Cinderella Remix

Fri, 08/11/2017 - 18:29 -- jlamia6

Hickory dickory dock, 

Cinderella said "screw the clock".

She stayed at the ball,

She danced with them all,

the women, the men, the short, and the tall.

Her gown went from fab,

To totally drab,

But she didn't care, she wasn't a crab.

She danced, and she pranced all over the floor,

Nobody cared that she was poor.

She met some great friends, but had no love,

Her happiness flew away like a dove. 

She then remembered the love from her friends,

And the love for herself that would never end.

She didn't need a prince, she didn't need wealth,

All she needed was friends, and good health. 

She didn't get married, that decision would never bend,

She then lived happily ever after, the end. 



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