Cinderella Remix

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there was a princess who didn't get her perfect ending. the blanket shielding happy eyes is still casted by the faux story of a princess who didn't get her ending.
I know you don't recognize my name,Although my story revels in fame.My step-sister, what a fella.Do you know her? Cinderella.Before you start to snide,Please listen to my side. Once upon a time,
Happily ever after That's not true Wanna hear the real story Let me tell you I was just a little girl When everything changed My dad met this lady I thought she was deranged
Dust, Broom, Mop I fold , I clean, I must not stop, keeping things tight, neatly and tucked I can't help but  feel stuck Stuck in my own skin, stuck in  these old clothes, 
Once upon a time, a blonde hair girl in a brown dress spent her days scrubbing the steps and the floors the walls, and the celings too. She complained and whined claming her evil stepmother Lady Tremaine
Once upon a time lived a shoe maker for the elite. He sized then crafted shoes for plenty of feet. His shop located on Royal Ball Street. With large windows for all to see
                                                On C e upon a time                                 There was a g I rl who lived in a village with her step sisters.
Hickory dickory dock,  Cinderella said "screw the clock". She stayed at the ball, She danced with them all, the women, the men, the short, and the tall. Her gown went from fab, To totally drab,
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