Cinderella Don't Need No Slippers

Once upon a midnight dreary

Cinderella could see her future clearly

A life in a house

With step-mother louse

Cinderella's eyes got quite bleary.


Enough of this! She blarted

As she stood

Her monolouge thus started


I'm tired of this house

With a life like a louse!

There's a future out there

And I dream enough to care!

I'll start with my dress

and my hair is a mess

But soon a new family

In my life, I'll be blessed!


She worked the whole night through

As her own Fairy Godmother

She made her dreams come true.

And with a big sweep

Of her dress now complete

She hitch hiked to the ball

With no shoes for her feet


And though she was under prepared

I think the prince noticed how much she cared

She wore a smile on her face

And though calloused not disgraced

This couple now happily paired

This poem is about: 
Our world


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