I know you lived a happy life

With you and your beautiful wife

I can only imagine

What you've been through

It must have been hard for you

When you had the deep fall

&& your lungs gave out

Your heart became true

We don't know what it's about

But we can only imagine

What you've been through

You've tried your best

But couldn't handle the rest

Your time was up

God sent you above

This time we were silent

But no more time for us to be quiet

Do you hear or cries

Sent up to you

We don't know anything

That you have been through

The keyword for you

Is the keywod for family

It seems the world has fallen on me

You took us by surprise

We couldn't see through your disguise

The mumbles in your words are gone

we thouht you were fine

They didn't see the signs

The death laid upon you tonight

But we can only imagine

only imagine

Eveything that you have been through

But always know that we love you

This poem is about: 
My family
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