Tue, 06/17/2014 - 02:37 -- AJay

I was a mistake

They didn't mean for me to be here

They had tried to use protection

They had tried to take care

But Daddy screwed up and it was broken

And Mommy's test was pink

And then they had life-changing decisions to make

About things they couldn't even think

Daddy had to be a man

Grow a pair and take care of his seed

Mommy had to go to high school

Although she couldn't even see her knees

They didn't know how to raise me

But they knew they'd do it well

Daddy had to drop out of school

He got a job to pay the bills

Grandma put Mommy out

Because Mommy wanted me here

I don't think she and Grandma speak

When I asked, she said it had been years

Mommy lost friends when I came out

I took her sleep, her food, and her nose

Daddy said he had to work a lot and didn't see me much

But when he did, he held me close

I never had the best clothes

And the girls all used to tease

But my parents are better than theirs

And they are all I need

They always told me that life was tough

And raising me opened their eyes

But Mommy and Daddy also tell me

I was the greatest gift of all in disguise


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