The Choice

Sun, 09/29/2013 - 20:27 --

Its a reality we all have to face
These broken mirrors aren't just a phase
The shattered bottles on the floor
Just symbolize a closing door
Getting your shit together is hard
And we all have to play our part
The torn up pictures represent out scars
Everyone's just a dog chasing a car
It's our choice to go after the dream
And realizing its not as easy as it seems
But it's your choice to chase after it
And it's your choice to capture it
Giving up hope is just letting the dream go
You can't relearn what you already know
Does the pain and the suffering ever end
Just like these scars will never mend
Or is the sacrifice not what it appears
Why do we bother with all the tears
The cheers and sneers all mean nothing
Unless you decide to make them something
Or you can say fuck it and just forget
But even the booze cant hide the regret
The white hot light is what you desire
But too late it seems you're already retired
What you know now you wish you knew then
the notebooks and journals are covered in pen
You wish that you could turn back time
You're trapped in a web of your own design
It's up to you to live life to its extent
Instead of waking up realizing it's spent

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