China knot

             China knot

A long China knot hung on my wall,

Woven by only one string of thread,no broken,no reconnected,

Profile of ancient Chinese wisdom ,also mascot of blessings ,

But isn't it a totem,myth,or symbol?

Yet,thousands of Chinese knots and complexes hidden long,

Entangled by my cognition and beliefs toward China.


Corpses of corpses,guns to guns in Chinese land in the past,

An insurmountable gap ,different historical trajectories,

Fissure between Mainland knot and Taiwan knot,

Woven by two strings of threads.


Status of God's card is not to be shaken ,

Ruled by 〝We Party’s elites〞only,

Firewalls to ban Western sensitive sites,

Dubbed as〝The new Great Wall〞.


Waving the patriotic flag of stinking smell as Lenin said,

What hell does history can be burned into ashes?

Don't be naïve to loosen or lift this dead knot.


The other side of the Straits,

A bumpy road to freedom and democracy,

Cultivated a different political and civic culture,

And two parallel tracks do not intersect,

Separate core strings do not interwoven .


Oh!let us more hug,less fart,

Let us weave a new era knot with–

One string of thread of–

Benevolence and Wisdom.


Yes!the China knot on my wall,

Better still hanging high there‧




This poem is about: 
My country


Tom Meng

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