Chin Up, Hopes Out

Have you ever felt unwanted

like no one really cared,

you are just pushed and taunted

and no one helped, just stared.


Thats how I feel all the time,

like I am invisible to the eye.

unless they need something of mine,

and then they force a sigh.


They tell me im needed,

But I know it isnt so what they try and say,

I know im not needed,

in any kind of way. 


But here is the difference in you and me,

Im still very happy,

as happy as can be. 

even though you feel crappy.


I let my sadness sweep away,

until you couldnt tell

that anything was afray.

I cannot be fell.


Nothing can keep me down

for anytime at all

I cant even frown

my  smile is a mile tall.


Even though I have felt unwanted

like no one really cared

I hae been pushed and taunted

and everyone just stared.


But I keep my chin up, and my hopes out.



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