Children of Heaven - Arnold Jansen Llego

Children of Heaven 

This movie, acclaimed as one that "inspires the beauty of innocence in youth" ( Robert Ebert, 1995) can capture the hearts of both old and young as it leaves an imprint unto those who watched it. It rekindles the innocence and hope that we hold dear for the children of our generation. One that is slowly fading due to the liberation of films throughout the world. 

This movie presents a very beautiful point of view for people. It teaches us to trust in humanity that people nowadays tend to overlook. It also engraved unto me the clear sense of camaraderie between blood relation contrary to the usual filipino tele-novela where brothers and sisters turn on one another for the sake of getting a bigger part of the pie. The virtues taught in this movie is really applicable in todays world. Today in our world, children have no respect for their parents that they blatantly answer them so disrespectfully that it leaves an impression that we have forgotten the value of respect. 

All in all, this movie is a representation of what this world should be if we really are moving towards a future with harmony and unity among all nations. 


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