Childhood Crush


United States
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I never thought of meeting with my childhood crush again
Never expected it to happen this way.
I looked for him
He looked for me
and at the end we found each other
Yes, it may have been awkward at first
But we never gave up
I missed him
He missed me
It was destiny
We were made for eachother
At the end he told me I was his childhood crush
I never felt those butterflies with others
He made me happy
and so you see we never gave up
Our friendship is growing
we are learning about each others things
and catching up
I never wanted to move but it happened
maybe sometimes I do think about the past and see what could have been
if i did not move
we could have had something
but it was for the best
now as teens we found one another again
was it love at first sight maybe it was
or maybe it was just meant to be
no one knows the future
but what i know for sure is he will be in it
He told me i was that mystery girl he was trying to find
and he never gave up
was I in his dreams
or is this my dream
I will treasure this moment
because this is reality
and I have to live it
because you never get to have this happen everyday
life is too short and you have to live it while you can
this is my life and I will always remember that day i found
My Childhood Crush.



This is so beautiful!

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