I am 7. I am 7 and something isn't right,
Dad was here. He was visiting but he hasn't left.
Amelia is sleeping next to me, unaware.
I know something isn't right. They're quiet. They usually talk or argue.
I know they are in her bedroom, but I'm not supposed to be awake. I can't stop them.
I hit myself. Pick my nose. Try to bring on the nose bleeds that happen so frequently,
I know something isn't right.
She hates him. They got divorced. That's why we're here. That's why we left.
He has a new baby. Debi is his new wife and Mom hates her,
They shouldn't be doing that. 
Nose bleeding profusely, I stumble down the hallway, hand on my face.
I don't know what I expected to happen.
The door is cracked. The lights are on. 
She's laughing. I hear her giggle like a girl. He shouldn't be doing that. They shouldn't be doing this. 
I run away. 
I wake up with a stomach ache. Mom asks me what's wrong, why I'm sick. 
She knows. She always does. 
Did it really happen?
Something isn't right. 


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