Where my tears not good enough

did my pain not feed u enough

did the screams not release your hatred

did your fake sentiment fix the wounds you gave me

Why is it that I suffered from your claws

allowed you to tear me

allowed to love me

then drop me

Why was I just a child

and you say 

and repeat on and on

about your love for me

but you lost me


The times I had smiles you destroyed me

you made me believe I wasn’t enough

and allowed me to see evil within me 

allowed me to end all hope within me

You never really loved me

I was an obligation

A center-plan

for you revenge in your inflicted pain

I was just a child

That’s what you said 

so in your eyes I never understood it


Why was I just a child

Why couldn’t you love me 

hold me

tell me I was enough

and a gift to the world


Instead, I was welcomed with

the words of your mirroring image

Of being worthless



An object

A child


Maybe the blame is mine

Maybe my birth was your distress

And I am sorry. 

I just want you to love me

With pure love

But that won’t be possible

Because the issue wasn’t that I was a child. 

The issue was that I was your child.


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