Chicago Lust



Your entire life you have been searching for a home yet you only seem to feel at peace when he talks

The way his voice soothes your soul and completes a part of you nothing else can

The way he says certain words makes you feel safe and secure


or his sighs and breathing against your lips

You know he's the one but maybe it's just the voice you love the voice you want to marry the voice you feel yourself growing old with and sleeping next to every night

You aren't the only one his mouth seduces, his breath breathes for her as well

Maybe it's been years but that voice never changed that feeling never left that love never died, just the distance between that voice and my yearning ears that destroyed every single word ever spoken

He sounds like cigarettes and cold nights with sheets and the fireplace after a cold winter day

Many voices have undressed me many voices have tried to fill my ears and many mouths have tried to speak poetry between my legs but it all sounds fake, all sounds unnatural your voice sounds like happiness and home

Speak to me one last time and make it count because I want to remember you saying I love you a thousand times because your voice is the only thing that is real the only thing I know will never change

Oh the future is deceiving marriage is a lie we will never have what we have left but you feel like spring mornings and fall leaves and I don't want to lose you

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