Cheesy Romantic

You treated me like I was everything,until you heard that siren sing,her bright allure brought you to her,paying no mind to what we were. my heart was shattered,torn and tattered,nothing but you seemed to matter,until I met them, they who set my heart aflame,I didn’t even know their name,just simply that glorious smell,at their loveyly perfume my heart does swell. our love is hot,consequences an afterthought,cheesy lines and spicy kisses,I could only strive to be their missus. never once did you give me such a gift,now I see why we drift,it was so tedious to have you say,that you’d like to go Dutch and have me pay. you may be smart academically,but anyone would agree,that when it comes to romantics,you resorted to the dumbest antics. you think you’re slick?you’re such a prick.I am so much more than just some chick,think with your head and not your- They’re  willing to stay in or go out,I love them without a doubt,you... I could do without,They’ve hit a home run,you’ve struck out. you feeling confident?your ignorance now evident,when you realize that bread, sauce, and cheese,is a better lover than you’ll ever be. 


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