Every time I try to write

How much you mean to me,

It comes out feeling cheesy

So artifical, crazy.


You are my best friend, it's true

I love you more than life.

You can turn my day around,

You free me of my strife.


How do you seem to get me

As easy as you do?

I sometimes don't get me

As much as you seem to.


How is it possible that

I can't picture a life

Without you as my partner

Through every day and night


Everything is so easy

Whenever I talk to you;

It feels comfortable,

Yet completely brand new.


I don't get what this is!

I've never felt like this.

All I want is to hold you,

But I'm scared of that bliss.


Because what would happen if...

If it didn't work out?

I would lose you forever,

Who I can't live without.


I thought I loved before you,

But I was mistaken.

Because with you I am whole

With you I am taken.


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