Beautiful, lovely, top of the social class.
She has all these friends who hold her up and love to watch her fall on her ass.
In every pyramid she’s on top,
Make sure you don’t eat or else you’ll pop.

Booty shorts, cleavage showing,
All the boys come on running.
She knows how to make a boy come undone;
And make life hell for everyone.

Make sure you, never, ever work;
Trying; no have to win prom queen, have to get the votes.
Perfect to all,
Leave me alone I’m on my way to the mall.

Dressed the best,
Guys only ever see the chest,
Smells like woe… let’s just say flowers.
Stand up, power house; go up in your towers.

Beautiful; sure annoyingly so
I really wish she would just go.
Her presences is so strong
And over all everything she does is wrong.



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