cheerful giver


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a time that was use to help families overcome their struggle
gave an opportunity to maneuver activities in which i was able to juggle
moment of reflection that enable me to be humble
for the time being, there was no utter chaos that ignites people to act barberic and start a rumble
the holiday season brought togetherness that reconciles any differences
no time to attack like a cheetah stalking a prey and make unnecessary inferences
giving back to those that are less fortunate is something gratifying
i know that helping others in definitely electrifying
love i receive from people is a notion that is very honoring
feels a whole lot better than someone belittling someone in which is humiliating
ongoing continuation of serving the community with grace
in the end , i look in the mirror and see man with a million dollar face

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Well-said! Who needs money, anyway, if we're all willing to help each other?

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it's about giving back and helping those less unfortunate
my poem reflects that notion
thanks 4 the support
check out my recent poems sam

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