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Fri, 02/21/2014 - 18:19 -- aamlee

Head held high I walk through the halls, I am who I am.

Tired but proud, in this place I am small, I am who I am. 

Monitors beep while sick children sleep, I listen carefully.

For words of wisdom from the lonesome, I listen carefully.

The blood on the floor recieved no cure, I am stunned.

I head to the door because there is nothing more, I am stunned.

"Hold your head up" you say, this is your domain, I am quiet.

"We all lose one, that's why you were chosen", I am quiet. 

This job is a baffle, but I try to be helpful, I am who I am.

Though these callouses grow in number, I become stronger, I am who I am. 


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