Cheaters in the Game Without Rules


Life is like a puzzle-- five or six puzzles

Thrown on the floor, the pieces mixed in a whirlpool of peanut butter and swiss cheese

It's confusing as shit

Grammar-- It's more confusing than shit. 

We stick the pretty colors together and make a pretty picture

And when it doesn't turn out right

We remember

Life is like a puzzle-- six or seven puzzles

Borderless and flunctuatng like a cloud

Drifting scornfully in the sky and dissappearing when touched

There is no set of instructions

And yet we call those who excel cheaters

Those who don't play by the rules we have created for ourselves

That we expect them to follow as we do

They're cheaters?

To them we're just losers

Restricting ourselves by different rules

And when we lose the ruleless game

We remember

Life isn't like a puzzle

It's not a game

But we wish it were that simple

So we make it impossible to lose this "non-game" reality

Making it so we can never win


And call the ones who make thier own rules cheaters

And get mad when they laugh and call you losers

Staring down at you as if you were a child

It sounds like you're cheating yourselves


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