Cheaters are Beaters


Baby girl, why did you have to lie

When you told me, that there was no other guy

Now I'm all alone, in my home wanting to cry

But I'm scared that if I cry all my tears out, drain out, I'll die

Wait, that may not be so bad

When I think of how you lied, the feelings for you that I had

Seemed to slip away like ashes from the wind

And I'll be a fool to be hurt by you again

Because of you, I've lost lots and lots of sleep

Now, My promises is something that I don't keep

I don't trust no other women, because you couldn't stay true

And the next time you beg to come back to me, I'll say "Screw you"

That's just a portion of how I feel inside

To be honest, I've always thought of you as my bride

You've changed all that and changed my mind

About trusting any other woman, that'll waste my time.


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