Chasing the Sun

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 01:10 -- TheEon

Dawn is upon us

The blue sky, the beautiful roses

Let us be appreciative

Of these gifts through our choices.

Whether we decide to write books

Or lyrical hooks,

Obsess over our looks

Or become crooks.

The lessons we learn in life

Are produced in a tandem of strifes.

So don’t think that if you don’t at an immediate relief arrive

Of what diminishes your hope to survive

In this constantly changing world,

Your death will be contrived of a vitality not revived

And pain like that from the whistle of a kettle of water boiled.


Be still and know

That death is inevitable

That our lives are short and the ultimate sin is to withhold

From the world the uniqueness we’ve been bestowed.

Dream, dream of a world unseen

A world where everyone has a right to claim

His or her path and, despite every chiseling chasm, the strength to maintain


For the inability to do this is like stringing yourself up by a rope.

And the world, with its immediate ability to cope,

Will go on without you realizing how you could have developed.


Dusk is upon us

The green grass, the gentle geranium

Let us be appreciative,

Be creative, have fun,

Be active while we are chasing the sun.


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