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Dear Forgotten Ones,   In the beginning,  I took you for granted.  In the beginning,  I hid you on a shelf.  You collected dust In the back of my mind  For many a year.
One Day I lost you, disappeared in thin Air, I went searching for you but could not find you anywhere Oh the grief you have caused I nearly pulled out my Hair, I looked up, down, all around but nowhere
Water runs so slow Patiently cutting a path I am unstoppable
Concrete blocks on the sidewalk A bounce in every step A beam for each passing face A passion firing to every heart A simplistic reminder
I am not too funny Not delightfully clever I am not beautiful, Being that my face does not inspire poems or ballads My tall lanky frame is not the object of envy When I walk into a room no one stops and stares
Dawn is upon us The blue sky, the beautiful roses Let us be appreciative Of these gifts through our choices.
Spic spac rickety rack you're the talent, I the act aim to please but crowds of one good for the soul, our makings of fun You burn so bright day after day I'm the doer of deeds, of passions so gay
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