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The mind truly sets the human free,
appreciate everything you got experiences and life, change perception, the way you see things,
Chase, capture and conquer the meaning of your reality,
recognize yourself as unique and one of a kind,
so much diversity but never no peace except in eternity,
close your eyes and realize, chose truth over lies, time goes by,
its hard surviving throughout an entire lifetime,
look at the bright side the light, take in the vibe aim super high,
live every single moment you're alive like if it were your last,
just have a blast, never forgetting the past, not so fast live in the present,
The adversity and struggles do count, so let everything in your mind out,
don't have any doubts, prove what your all about,
take a rove take a roam if you don't you may never know,
the true purpose of your existence, forget about resistance, because the human has no limits,
hoping society actually listens, advice for better living,
Choose a route and don't look back
focus on the present and making it last,
because memories that's all we really ever have.


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