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I'm candid as me,

I may have red cheeks, buck teeth and my hair may not be neat,

But I'm just the perfect me,

So why bother be he or she?

Can't you see I'm just like B,

I won 10 out of 10 doing me,

We should accept each other for who we are,

We don't need makeup or acting "hard"

It's not who I am to fake it,

The only thing I do is make it,

I may have a muffin top and jiggle a little when I run,

But that's what makes being me all the more fun,

When I can shine true as me,

I don't rely on someone telling me I'm pretty,

I don't wear a mask towards others or I might not see,

I am the one,

Who spills the "truth tea",

By not pretending to be someone who isn't me,

I am a part of the LGBT,

But that's NOT all of me,

It may be all of you,

But that's a John Legend song so why plagiarize?

When you can take the time,

And write your own line,

And be original,

Your life is a page so make it count,

Because you only need one character,

U is the one I'm talking about.




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