Changing the World One Person at a Time

You're asking me to write a poem with intentions to get in my head.

While most mornings I can barely get myself out of bed.

Even though days get tough I give them my all.

Because one day I may be the only person that someone can call.

I have given my life the purpose to help and to serve.

Even when life throws me balls that come in at a curve.

Enjoying the happiness of a smiling face.

I count as my inventive, and do such things with grace.

I will continue my strut down my educational path

Providing help to those in need, using both science and math.

I will push and push until I reach my breaking point.

Kowing if I ask in his name; God, he will annoint.

Achieving my goals is attainable if I believe.

Reaching the stars before my time has come to leave.

I am afraid of dying if I do not carry out my mission.

Because I will have left the world in its own descending condition.

With my mindset I hope to impact a majority.

As of now, this is my one and only priority.

All I know is to help in removing strife.

Doing all I can with the time allotted in my life.

Now that the tour of my mind has concluded. 

I can no longer deem my thoughts as secluded.


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