Changing The World

why      help    myself,

when I have the chance to save

many, children and animals suffering

                      by   the   plenty,  no  voice,   no say             cry    

                             I would  speak  for  them all,               cry cry

                                                 any day,                                 cry cry cry

                                            with the                                         cry

power   to    change   one  thing

I  would,  allow   the   animals   to   sing

grant children a voice,  give the weak a choice

to      stop    abuse,     to    stop    the    violence

and     most    of    all,    to    stop    the      silence

the   crying    wont    stop   and    neither   will    he,

she's   hurting   inside   and   he   doesn't  care   to see

whimpering         and        silent

they wonder why he's so violent

til   the   day   she   speaks  back

constantly        under          attack

my   change   will   be    freedom

like    a    warm    spring   season

that       releases      the      world

of   the   harsh    winter   swirl








stop the hate, stop the violence.

with the power to change one thing in the world, I would help those who cannot help themselves. I would grant the abused a voice. Whether it be animals, childrens, wives or husbands. I would grant them the courage and voice to speak out against their abusee and seek help.

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