Calling us aliens, undocumented freaks, 

drug dealing mexicans and child molesting creeps,

he's stereotyping and making us look bad,

this new world we live in, it's just plain sad,

he wants to make my people pay out of pocket

for a damn wall, fool, we don't want it,

already feeling trapped with borders, now walls?

what happened to liberty and justice for all?

we all are entitled to our rights,

but it seems their only given to the whites,

they are given all the priority,

and we're still seen as a minority,

we are all created equally, 

but the white man thinks he's better than you and me,

we are judged off the color of our skin,

but that's just the kind of world we are living in,

it seems we are all in competition

to see which race has the highest position,

but this is no race of the races,

this is a world full of hatred,

that's just the way it is, things really have to change,

that's just no way to live, oh no.

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Our world
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