In this world we call Earth,

There are many things that need to change.

Homelessness and discrimination

Are just a couple to name.

Narrow minded people

Should just mind their own business

Because they need to realize

That there are differences.

We need to give help to those in need

Because not everyone is as privileged as we.

Many people in this world

Don’t wake up with a smile on their face

They have to deal with many problems

Every single day.

If I won the lottery, I would help pay the bills

And give the rest to charity

Not just one foundation, but many more

So that one act of kindness will change the lives of many.

But until then, I will do what I can

To bring a smile to stranger’s faces.

In this world we call Earth,

There are a lot of things that need improvement,

But as long as one person takes a stand,

We can change the many problems at hand.


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