Life is full of mysteries to solve.
Every second, every minute, every hour, ever year, every generation evolves.
Things change things become legends things revolve.
Life is twisted with lies and secrets to unsolve.
Love is unlimited like the universe.
People in the world need to change there ways they see things.
Animals being abused, abandon, scarred, and killed it's wrong and it's a huge sin.
That feeling is never gone it feels like your spine went thru a chilled of pain and and became a kin.
Animals are suppose to men's best friend and treated like family not to be tools for features animals are living living breathing beautiful creatures.
Animals are the only creatures that always forgive more then humans.
This world need to start having changes.
The same goes for men using women to get in bed or women using men's feelings to get what they want.
Nobody is perfect but everybody deserve always a change and a chance.
Have a heart treat others right and good love one another with every might.
Life may have illusions but you gotta see thru the confusions.
Everybody has their good and bad days but don't blame it on others or hurt no one people should have shame.

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