Tue, 01/05/2021 - 22:13 -- 2sweet

As the sun glistens off you... You change to different colors the season brought you; the radiance of different Hues I see yellow, green, red, and orange but even through the seasons when the rain comes you still remain calm through the toughest storms you made Twist and Turn but, you never become torn; where do you get your Poise from? Because all I see is many veins running through and you attach to a stem that has you rooted from the ground that nurtures you; maybe we are the same going through different changes even though our exteriors are different; I see the color that bleeds on you like the emotions that I carried throughout the winter. How do you stand so strong when the winds come on a knockin? I see you swinging and shaking in the breeze but, you don't bend you just be rocking in the wind; I can see Limbs and limbs tearing off of you but you still stand alone is it because of the roots that's beneath you that stays solid and strong. But even through breakable moments that each limb and leaf grows back; wait, wait, how does something like you keeps on smiling back after getting attacked by Mother Nature herself? No retaliation just favor! Knowing that whenever the seeds blew is where creation will Bloom; with no hesitation you were right back at your snapback poise, and I'm in awwwwww like why can't you react though? Just seeing the beauty of you growing fruitful things without making a sound; I confess I am jealous of the time it's spent to make broken into Beauty that the eyes have never seen yet, but only to realize that I can be deeply rooted, poised, and calm like any tree that stands through their storm.

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