Change Your Thoughts, Appearances and Demands (Our mindset)

I would change the way we view ourselves

From race to skin tone

From the pitches of our voices to Melody of our words 

From the beat on which we pronounce our syllables to the pitter patter of our feet

I would change the way we perceive humanity to be 

We have to look this way

Speak this way

We will stand like this

Don't fight for what's right even if it will help make a difference

My sexuality is more important than my education and self-empowerment

I rule the world and you shall bow down to me

I would change the way we present ourselves

What I say is important 

What you say doesn't really matter

Eew, you like that kind of music 

You are just weird

This is what you like 

You can't possibly be the same thing as me 

What I would change is our thoughts, our appearances and our demands because when we change that our abilities and opportunities become endless but our minds are filled with knowledge and more than just one perception we become understanding and we become whole Our mindsets are the doors to many things if we allow to be open and free



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